In the early 1950s the late Gilbert Werner started a small family farm in  Drummond.  At the time it was almost unheard of for a successful family farm to be based entirely on egg producing chickens.  But Gilbert chose to “put his eggs in one basket” so to speak. His use of innovative farming techniques  was soon recognised as a “Modern successful Poultry Farmer”. Not only did Gilbert and his family build their own chicken houses, but eventually added another farm and a pack station. We are not a speciality egg – We are a speciality farm.

As Trevton Eggs  grew so did  Gilberts curiosity in various types of farming which allowed Trevton Eggs to experiment in different types of farming instead of just Poultry farming. He did Sugarcane in the fields at the Camperdown farm and utilized the Manure from the chickens into the cane fields,  Gilbert also became a Racehorse owner, breeder and a trainer which started as a hobby and proved to be successful, having the honour of having a third in the Rothmans July from a horse that was born and bred at Trevton……OUT OF STEP

In 2012  Gilbert Werner passed away which left a huge void in the family, but a great legacy.  His daughter Vanessa Phippen is continuing her father’s legacy at Trevton
  “looking back on my childhood, I realize how hard my dad worked on the farm. His ultimate goal was to better the farm with his innovations and inventions in order to maximize efficiency.  He just wanted to take care of his family first”  so with the help of her husband and her three children, the second and third generation, who pride themselves on their sense of loyalty and family values.  Decided to expand Trevton to another degree by opening 11 BnB Cottages which they named “Gillys” after the late Gilbert Werner.

In 2013 the Trevton Eggs family decided to do Instant Lawn as another venture and traded as Trevton Turf, this was for a short while, as in 2015 an opportunity arose for them to purchase the name of “KZN LAWNS”  which they did so,  and they have been trading ever since going from strength to strength.

Trevton has always pride themselves on their sense of loyalty and strict family values - which is where the slogan originates from  “Where value makes friends and our quality keeps them”  All who work, represent and who are family strive to achieve this. Which will be a tradition for the next generations to continue.

Trevton Eggs is still growing each year and is here for the long haul.  Being in business for more than 60 years has proven that we are no fly-by-night company.

Our Fleet

We still believe that the freshest egg is a TREVTON EGG